Are you a talented visual effects artist? Browse the job listings below and if you are interested in a position, drop me a line via the contact form at the page bottom. Include a link to your demo reel and Linkedin profile if you have one. Please also give the Job Reference Number. To help my fellow freelance artists stay employed, I’ve compiled a list of VFX job boards as well as VFX and other technical positions that can be done remotely—you can check those out here.


Beginning now, with a potential to continue through all of 2018 we need After Effects Compositors to join the in-house team (on the client side) for prime time television shows. Must be on-site in Los Angeles, full time. JOB REF #1023

29 August 2017: Feature film project is looking for a freelance VFX Producer, 2 Compositors and a Roto/Paint person to join the team. The project lasts around 10 weeks and starts in the next 2 weeks. Includes opening titles, set extensions and straightforward comp work. Must be on-site in Century City (lots of great food options). JOB REF #1022

13 September 2016: Both Nuke and After Effects Compositors needed at Buck design studio in Downtown Los Angeles. Projected dates are 9/16 – 10/4. JOB REF #1021

13 September 2016: Nuke Compositor needed at Entity FX in Santa Monica for 3-4 weeks. JOB REF #1020

23 February 2016: Nuke Compositor needed at a VFX studio in Marina Del Rey to comp a few shots for a primetime HBO vfx award winning series. The work must be done in-house and you’ll need to bring your own machine with valid Nuke license for which you will of course be compensated. JOB REF #1019

22 February 2016: Nuke and After Effects Compositors needed at Timber Studios in Santa Monica. The project is a short film that will run from the end of March until early May 2016. JOB REF #1018

16 February 2016: Nuke Compositors, Maya Animators and Lighters needed at Egg Post in Dublin, Ireland. The project is a TV pilot for Sony and will be 6 weeks over March and April 2016. Work visas available and help with flights / accommodations negotiable. (Yes, you’ll be in Ireland for St Patty’s Day). JOB REF #1017

1 February 2016: Compositing Artist needed at Warner Bros Studios in Burbank. Starts immediately and lasts two weeks, with a possible extension. You’ll be working on a television episodic doing clean up type of work. After Effects would be great but other software packages fine. Must be in-house and bring your own computer. JOB REF #1016

4 November 2015: After Effects Compositor needed at Venice studio ( starting immediately for a two-month project. The artist will be working in the 360 Film Department on multiple projects, some high profile. JOB REF #1015

20 September 2015: Solid VFX Compositors needed who can work remotely. Your choice of software is permitted. The studio main office is in Los Angeles and works on television episodics including The Walking Dead, Aquarius, The Flash and Gotham and currently has a feature in house. Short term and full season positions available. Starts immediately. JOB REF #1014

18 September 2015: Senior and Mid Nuke Artists needed for high-profile television episodics at Origin Studios in Burbank. Short term and full season positions available. Starts immediately. JOB REF #1013

21 September 2015: Senior Nuke Compositors needed for high-profile television episodics. Short term and full season positions available. JOB REF #1013

19 August 2015: Looking for an IT engineer specialized in mac systems for a full time position at Greenhaus Graphics in downtown Culver City, CA. Starts immediately. More details here: JOB REF #1012

13 August 2015: Looking for someone based in Chicago who could potentially do on-set VFX Supervision on a commercial shoot for Method Studios. JOB REF #1011

10 August 2015: Looking for an artist who can sculpt in clay for a project concerning the pieces shown here: Fosil Hominid Skulls. The company is Bones Clones in Los Angeles, CA. Interviewing now and this position could run for a full year. JOB REF #1010

6 August 2015: Looking for After Effects animators, VRay Lighters, Houdini artists, senior Nuke Compositors and a senior Flame Supe for on-site projects at Method Studios in Los Angeles, CA. After Effects positions run through August and September 2015, while the other positions are varying time frames beginning asap. JOB REF #1009

5 August 2015: Looking for Nuke compositors to join the very creative team at Timber Studios in Santa Monica, CA. This is a short term position to work on commercial projects. Begins 12 August, 2015 and will run until 28 August, 2015. JOB REF #1008

1 August 2015: Looking for skilled and reliable Nuke Compositors and a Phoenix dynamics artist who are interested in working on a VFX-heavy tv show in Atlanta, Georgia. Project begins mid to late August 2015 and will go until February 2016 (the full tv season). Short term commitments will be considered (one month minimum). JOB REF #1007

22 July 2015: Looking for in-house Nuke compositors at Psyop in Santa Monica, CA. Project is a temp delivery for a feature film. Begins immediately and continues for six weeks, though shorter term options available (2 week minimum). JOB REF #1006

16 July 2015: Looking for an in-house compositor at Zoic Studios in Culver City, CA for one episode of a tv show. Basic work compositing CG fire / debris / explosions into live action plates. Show has a 4 August deadline, so fast paced artist would be ideal. JOB REF #1005

14 July 2015: Staffing a full Maya and Nuke team, artists of all levels including Supervisors. These are full time positions with benefits, located in the Pasadena studio. The work is creating product-related photo-real images. For more information, check out 3DEXCITE. JOB REF #1004

7 July 2015: Looking for a Senior FX artist to handle a destruction sequence for a feature film. Remote artist or in-house at LA studio. JOB REF #1003

26 June 2015: Looking for Lighters (Mental Ray), Compositors (Nuke and AE), motion graphics, FX (phoenix, Houdini, etc.), modeling and rigging to join the international team of Legion Studios. Artists can be remote or in-house in Los Angeles. JOB REF #1002

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