What I Do

For overĀ a decade I have been working as a freelance artist which allows me to constantly evolve, contribute, utilize my skills and travel. In Visual Effects, I specialize in Compositing, where I bring pieces together into seamless images for films, television and live presentations. I also provide Video Editing, DVD Authoring, Photography and Photo Restoration.

Additionally, my broad networking in the freelance VFX arena has allowed me the opportunity to recruit and staff amazing teams of artists who work well together and do great work.

My Experience

For over fifteen years I have been in the post production industry and my Visual Effects experience spans from IMAX stereoscopic film to broadcast television and commercials. I have contributed to major projects in Hollywood studios, small and large, as well as studios around the world as an artist, a team Lead and Producer. My Visual Effects credits are listed on IMDB.

My Skillset

My Visual Effects skills focus on the compositing of computer generated images (CGI) into live action scenes and full CG environments, manipulating and enhancing live action elements, blue and green screen keying, 2D and 3D tracking and stabilizing, sky replacements, set extensions, painting, rig/wire removals, color correction, titles and motion graphics.

I work on both mac and pc platforms and computer programs I am sufficient in include Nuke, Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, SynthEyes, Shotgun, Silhouette, Commotion, Adobe Illustrator, Final Cut Pro and DVD Studio Pro.

I am a freelance Visual Effects Artist with experience spanning from IMAX stereoscopic film to broadcast television and commercials.

Additional Info